Did you know that cell phones can measure blood pressure? Today you will find the best options to measure blood pressure.

The possibility for people with health problems to have an app to measure blood pressure can make life a lot easier, especially for those who have blood pressure that drops regularly or rises easily.

However, these possibilities need approval from the Korean Ministry of Food Safety and Medicines (MFDS​​).

For this reason and for the technological advance, blood pressure medication is easily accessible and without bureaucracy. By placing your finger on the phone for a few moments, the result will be displayed in the app.

Below is a list of some of these apps, and a quick explanation of how they work.

It’s important to remember that none of these apps are a replacement for a doctor’s appointment, just a more practical way of checking for the average referral when needed.

Have you ever heard of systolic and diastolic blood pressure? And what is the difference between systolic and diastolic?

Systolic blood pressure is the highest number that happens when there is a medication, it is related to the systolic movement of the heart.

However, diastolic blood pressure is the lowest number and is related to the relaxation of the heart. Relatively good blood pressures are systolic 12 and diastolic 8.

Your health online

In this application it is possible to observe blood pressure regularly through the cell phone. Anyone who wears Galaxy Watch Active2 can monitor their blood pressure much easier.

As the watch used can analyze pulse beats, using its own built-in sensors, the work is faster.

Therefore, the results are based on calibration and changes in blood pressure.


This option is only for Android users and for those who want to collect blood pressure information and analyze it.

You can also control everything related to your blood pressure such as heart rate, medication, weight and exercise.

In addition to these advantages, you can create reminders with appointments and days so you don’t forget to measure your blood pressure and take your medication at the right time.

Smart BP

A free app for Android and IOS that is easy to use and that serves to observe changes in blood pressure.

It reports everything in statistics and graphs based on data and time. Identification and recording is very easy, you record your systolic and diastolic blood pressure at the moment.

Just put in the app: time, weight, heart rate and wrist pressure. It’s easy to manage the records and you can even save them in the email.


A great choice for measuring blood pressure. Just press one finger on the screen and another on the camera. It can also measure: vision, hearing, heart rate, lung capacity, respiratory rate and color blindness.

Only available for IOS.

Blood pressure

To finish the list, the Blood Pressure app is only for Android.

There you can learn more about high blood pressure and get more important information about treating high blood pressure.

This information will be saved in the database and available offline.

You can also export your files as PDF and schedule times to be notified when you need to check your stress.

There are several options for you to choose what you like best and works best with your routine, but it is worth remembering that applications do not replace any consultation with the doctor.