Having pressure problems is not easy, whether it’s high or low. That’s why some apps were created to measure blood pressure that can make life easier for many people.

To find out which option best suits your needs, just take a look at the list along the text and download one.

Health app benefits

The number of users looking for health apps grows every day and so the quality of these platforms is improving as well.

With technology improving, it’s important that we focus on our health, be it mental or physical. To better monitor these aspects of life without having to constantly go to the hospital, apps can help.

For example, for people who need to take medication every day or need to schedule an appointment to take some medication, the application can store this information and send reminders to the user, so he doesn’t forget to take the medication.

Some even offer virtual medical appointments for a professional to help you with any kind of problem.

What is blood pressure?

Pressure is not a very complicated subject, it is part of the process of our blood inside the arteries during the pumping of blood that the heart does.

It works as a kind of pipe so that blood can travel throughout our body, like in the heart and when a person does not have good blood pressure, it can lead to cardiovascular problems in the future.

That is why it is advisable for people with a tendency or history of problems with blood pressure in the family who have their blood pressure measured routinely and have an annual check-up.

But to make the measurement, you need a device that can end up being expensive for some people. That’s why it’s important to have free apps where everyone has access.

Apps to measure blood pressure


This app measures heart rate and shows it to the user in hospital monitor format, making the experience more in-depth. However, it is not free, its price is $0.99 on the App Store.

For those who buy, you just need to put your finger on the cell phone camera for a few seconds and that’s it, measurement done!

Health Mate

This one is not so focused on taking the pressure off just, it serves to improve health as a whole. For example, it helps with weight loss, controls sleep, blood pressure and helps you exercise more.

These characteristics can help the person to maintain good pressure and therefore can be a good differential.


To use this service, just press one finger on the screen and one finger on the camera for a few seconds. In addition to this function, it can also count the steps the person has taken during the day, heart rate, vision, color blindness, hearing, lung capacity and respiratory rate.

It is very complete and simple to use.

Heart rate meter

This option is one of the most used for Android and many athletes use it. To measure, simply press your finger on the device’s camera for a few seconds.

It can measure your heart rate and create graphs of your heart rate.

Other app options are:

  • Your health online
  • Bpresso
  • Smart BP